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Lithium Greases | Industrial Lithium Grease | Mobil XHP

Our Mobilgrease XHP™ Mine Series greases are specifically designed to protect off-highway and mining equipment operating under tough conditions including water spray, high sliding/loading and high temperatures. These premium lithium-complex greases with 5 percent molybdenum disulfide were developed for outstanding performance in bucket …


Lithium complex grease primarily designed to meet the SKF requirements for sugar mill roller bearing grease. The extreme load capacity makes it ideal for bucket pins, plain bearings and other heavy duty applications in the mining, sugar milling and general industrial industries. Suitable for low speed bearings and some open gear applications.

LMCG 1 Grid and gear coupling grease | SKF

Grid and gear coupling grease. LMCG 1 is a polyethylene thickened and mineral oil based grease which also uses a lithium complex thickening technology. The grease is formulated to withstand high centrifugal forces and high-torque applications for grid and gear (flexible) couplings even where severe shock loadings, misalignment and vibration ...

Lubricants | Free Full-Text | An Overview of Grease Water Resistance …

Many grease-lubricated components operate in wet environments, making them susceptible to water contamination which degrades their performance, functionality, and useful life. Hence, selecting a grease with appropriate water-resistant properties can have a significant influence on the life of the machine. While industry standards attempt …

Lubrication | SKF

STEP 7. Bearing execution. STEP 8. Sealing, mounting and dismounting. Rolling bearings must be adequately lubricated to operate reliably. The lubricant is required to reduce friction, inhibit wear, protect the bearing surfaces against corrosion and may also be needed to provide cooling. This section describes: how to select between grease or oil.

The M&E Guide to Grease | Maintenance and Engineering

There are three core principles of grease lubrication: the grease works its way into the cavities around a bearing; the thickener holds the oil in the lubricating zone; and the grease shears, delivering a slow release of oil into the path of the rolling elements. The purpose of grease in industrial applications is to lubricate moving parts ...

Heavy Equipment Grease: Choosing the Best Heavy Duty …

MINING AND CONSTRUCTION GREASE. Mining and construction machinery deals with especially heavy fatigue, abrasive, and adhesive wear. It requires specialized grease …

Choosing the Right Grease for Your Heavy Equipment

Grease plays an important role in most construction and earthmoving projects. As a major component of your regular maintenance routine, it ensures that all your moving parts are …

SRI® Grease: Synthetic, Ashless, High Temp Grease

SRI® Grease - a specially formulated grease containing a highly refined paraffinic base oil, synthetic polyurea ashless organic thickener and high performance rust and oxidation inhibitors, for the lubrication of anti-friction ball, needle and roller bearings operating at speeds up to and above 10,000 rpm, operating at higher temperatures, or where water or …

How to Select Right Grease For Your Applications?

Base oils in lubricating greases are present in majority (> 80 %) and main function of lubrication is taken care by base oil, thickeners acts as carrier of oil and act like sponge where it ...

Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants

to design additives that are suitable for improving the performance of EALs that are more environmentally benign (Aluyor et al. 2009). For some of the more stringent labeling programs (see Section 5), additives used in EAL must be both ashless (i.e., containing no metals other than Ca, Na, K, Mg) and non-toxic (Haberader et al. 2009).

How to Select Right Grease For Your Applications?

Application Conditions and Grease Recommendations. 1- Environment- Moderate Load, Temp (-18°C to+120°C), High Speed, less water ingress. Industry- Agriculture, Farm, Truck & Auto WB, General ...


Marine Grease is also suitable for other automotive and industrial applications requiring excellent rust and corrosion protection. These include rolling element bearings, plain bearings, chassis parts, gears and couplings, particularly where water is present such as in steel mills, underground tunneling or mining and ore crushing plants.

How to Select Right Lubricating Grease For Your Application?

In general, a particular application whether to use lubricating oil or lubricating greases is generally governed by its DmN factor which can be calculated as follows. DmN factor = N x (D + d) /2. D= Bearing outer diameter, mm, d=Bearing bore diameter, mm. N=Bearing operating speed, rpm. If DmN factor is more than as shown below oil should be ...

Sinopec Heavy Duty LC Mining Grease

Applications Sinopec Heavy Duty LC Mining Grease is suitable for use in: Off-road equipment used in the mining industry, particularly to lubricate slow-moving plain and rolling element bearings under severe conditions of very high loads, shock loading and vibrating or oscillating conditions.

Equipment Maintenance Guide

It offers extraordinary corrosion protection for use around fresh or saltwater. It is commonly used in automotive, agricultural, food, mining, and steel mill applications. This grease is typically an upgrade to other multi-purpose greases such as lithium and lithium complex greases. Phillips 66 Omnigard® Product Line.

Select the right Grease for your application | SKF

Selecting a grease can be a delicate process. SKF has developed several tools in order to facilitate the selection of the most suitable lubricant. The wide range of tools available includes those from easy-to-use application driven tables to advanced software allowing for grease selection based upon detailed working conditions.

Selecting a suitable grease | SKF

Selecting a suitable grease for super-precision bearings

Tips for Selecting the Right Grease

Tweet Tips for Selecting the Right Grease Noria Corporation "What should you look for in a good grease?" When selecting a grease, you must consider the application and operating conditions in which the grease …

Grease 101: Different Grease Types and When to Use …

Bentone grease is ideal for highly-demanding applications and it's typically used in the steel, manufacturing, construction, mining, and ceramic industry. POLYUREA GREASE

How to choose the right type of grease

The application where the grease is to be used governs what base oil viscosity is required. Low viscosity oils generally work better at low temperatures, while greases with a higher base oil viscosity are used more for heavier loads and higher working temperatures. It is also important to consider the speed/revs per minute of the application.

Why choose grease from ?

Suitable for use in multipurpose applications in plain bearings, bushings and pins, working under normal operating conditions. Resistant Grease 97720 GR102 This lithium complex grease offers excellent protection against rust and corrosion under conditions of extreme pressure and is resistant to water washout.

Lubricating The mining Industry

Lubrication by Grease application in the mining sector can be a specialist technical area, where selecting the right grease for the right application can be critical to avoid costly equipment failures and unplanned downtime. This is particularly true for open gear applications, which are exposed to the elements in extreme conditions, and where ...

The Basics of Industrial Lubricant Selection

There are three (3) classifications of a lubricant: Fluid (Liquid) Semi-Solid (Grease) Solids (Dry) Grease, for example, is made up of an oil base stock, thickeners, and functional additives to enhance performance. There are standard base stocks such as mineral oils and standard thickeners such as lithium/ lithium complex.

How to choose the right bearing grease

Generally, grease with a low viscosity base oil is suitable for applications at low temperature or high rotation speed; grease with high viscosity base oils are suitable for applications at high temperature or under heavy load. (2) Thickener. Most greases use a metallic soap base such as lithium, sodium, or calcium as thickeners.

The right grease for any industrial application | GlobalSpec

Selecting the correct grease will optimize friction and wear resistance, leading to longer component life, reduced downtime and lower operating costs. Numerous factors go into the selection of an appropriate …

Selecting a suitable grease | SKF

In most spindle applications with super-precision bearings, grease with a mineral base oil and lithium thickener is suitable. These greases adhere well to the bearing surfaces and can be used in applications where temperatures range from –30 to +110 °C (–20 to +230 °F).For applications with high speeds and high temperatures or where long service life …

Bearings for Mining Applications

Accordingly, these bearings can be used in mining andore processing applications where marginal lubrication, vibrationsand impact loads often exist. The EA bearings provide advantagesdue to their …

Understanding technical data of greases | SKF

A measure of the stiffness of a grease. A proper consistency must make sure that the grease stays in the bearing without generating too much friction. It is classified according to a scale developed by the NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute). The softer the grease, the lower the number. Grease for bearings are typically NLGI 1, 2 or 3.

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