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You can chose between two kits we offer. One kit is the 2x3 kit which consists of Qty seven 2x3 tubes or our 2x4-1/2" kit which consists of four 2x4-1..

Chemical Kits

You can chose between two kits we offer. One kit is the 2x3 kit which consists of Qty seven 2x3 tubes or our 2x4-1/2" kit which consists of four 2x4-1..

Ball mill for 3-4 jars runing at same time ?

Ball mill for 3-4 jars runing at same time ? - posted in Pyrotechnics: I am making my ball mill, and is quite finished now, i only have to change the axle that have the pulley,to one longer axle (now it measures about 55 cm so i will be able to use a jar at time only, but using a longer axle i can have place to put one jar in one side of the pulley,and …

Can this tumbler be used as a ball mill?

Hi everybody, I was looking for a bigger Ball mill or tumbler, and found this one on a website for just $80. I was however wondering if this tumbler can be used as a ball mill. It is sold as tumbler and polishing machine. So I though, because the lortones are also sold as polishing machines, this one would function the same.

How do you know when your ball-milled black powder is "done"?

Posted 27 April 2011 - 09:54 AM. The only way to know for sure is to take samples and test them. In my small mill, it happened that the clumping and done stages pretty much were at the same time. In my larger mill, it clumped well before it was done. You can't always take that as a definitive sign.

How long should you mill your BP for?

I made my own ball mill and use small chunks (.5" square) of aluminum for media. I test my BP by launching baseballs out of a 3" tube. 5 oz baseball .5 oz BP. A 4 hour mill goes 20 feet. A 20 hour mill will launch a baseball 300 feet plus! My recipes ask for dextrin but I get much stronger powder without it...

Ball mill | PyroData

Ball mill. A ball mill, a type of crusher, is a cylindrical device used to grind chemicals or mix compositions. Ball mills rotate around a horizontal axis, partially filled with the material to be ground plus the grinding medium, ideally non sparking milling media like lead balls. An internal cascading effect reduces the material to a fine powder.

Can you over mill Aluminum powder?

Pure aluminium in a ball mill forms spherical particles that get smaller until the competing process of particles rejoining forms a limiting fineness. With the right additives and pretreatment the aluminium tears into smaller particles with much more surface area than spheres, and keeps getting finer as milling progresses.

Ball Mills & Lead Media > 6 Lb Rotary Ball Mill Kit

6 Lb capacity DOUBLE Barrel ball mill. Perfect size for milling 2 different comps at once in separate drums. (2 barrels measures 4.75" high x 4.5" in diameter). Grind most materials into a fine powder in just a few hours.

Is there safe a Way to Ball Mill BP INDOORS?

Is there safe a Way to Ball Mill BP INDOORS? - posted in Pyrotechnics: My Ball Mill will be finished soon, but I don't have the opportunity to make my pyro related stuff outside. I don't have a shop, nor a garden where I could build one. Therefore I have to Ball Mill my chemicals in my basement. At the moment I use commercial BP for lift and …

Quick and Easy Black Powder Ball Mill — Skylighter, Inc.

Ball Mills & Lead Media Everything you need to learn to mill your own pyrotechnic compositions. Products: 1–5 of 5 Show: 100 Sort by: Recommended 6 Lb Rotary Ball …

CannonFuse > Pyro Projects: Black Powder Manufacture

A ball mill is a rotating drum with dozens of lead balls inside. The 3 chemicals are loaded into the ball mill, along with the lead balls, sealed shut and allowed to rotate for anywhere between 1 and 24 hours. As the ball mill rotates, the lead balls will crush the chemicals together, forcing some of the potassium nitrate into the pores of the ...

What is a ball mill and how does it function?

ball mills from SBM China. A ball mill is a grinding machine used to grind and blend materials for use in mineral processing, ceramics, and pyrotechnics. The ball mill works by rotating a cylinder ...

Ball Mill | Ball Mills | Wet & Dry Grinding | DOVE

DOVE small Ball Mills designed for laboratories ball milling process are supplied in 4 models, capacity range of (200g/h-1000 g/h). For small to large scale operations, DOVE Ball Mills are supplied in 17 models, capacity range of (0.3 TPH – 80 TPH). With over 50 years experience in Grinding Mill Machine fabrication, DOVE Ball Mills as ...

Fireworks Tools : Ball Mill : Mixing Screens : Rocket Sets

Buy Ball Mill, Star Plates, Star Pumps, Mixing Screens, Black Powder Rocket Tooling, Stinger Missile Tooling If you want to make fireworks like rockets and fountains, your …

How to Ball Mill Chemicals Safely — Skylighter, Inc.

It took 12 boxes of these 1/2" diameter lead balls (from Bass Pro) to fill the mill jar half full, which is the ideal media "charge" in this1-gallon jar setup. The total weight of the media is 30 pounds. That is an important note: Fill …

My modified ball mill using brass balls

My modified ball mill using brass balls - posted in Pyrotechnics: Hello forum. Sometimes ago I ordered this ballmill from Pyrocreations: It has an internal barrell diameter of 103mm and a capacity of 0.8l. The working voltage is 120V, but since I live in Italy, I was forced to buy a transformer 120 -> 220V The first issue of this very cheap …

Ball Mill Media

Ball Mill Media - posted in Pyrotechnics: Im getting a new ball mill and just wanted to ask one last time once and for all...what really is the best media to use for doing c.coal, sulfur, kno3, kcIo4, titanium etc. Is it still 00/000 lead buckshot or doeas the newer ceramic have any worth? I am hoping that maybe moving to ceramic will be possible due …

CannonFuse > Pyro Tools > Grinding Media

Grinding Media. 11. $34.95. We offer both Lead-Antimony and Alumina-Ceramic Ball Milling Media. With multiple sizes and shapes available, you're sure to find what you need for your next project. Alumina-Ceramic Media …

Ball mills & media

Ball mills & media Shop Products 37mm Items Ball Mills & Media Cannon Fuses Chemical / Kits Exploding Targets Firing Units Gummed Kraft Tape Miscellaneous Mortars & …

ball mill grinding media:

rec.pyrotechnics . Discussion: ball mill grinding media: (too old to reply) bryanb 04:51:16 UTC. Permalink. I was just wondering if anyone has tried homeade items for pulverizing ... seems to reccomend that for the Ball Mill. Thanks Bryan B. j***@mac 03:08:29 UTC. Permalink. Just a note: Toilet seals aren't beeswax ...

Ball Mill Exploded

Page 1 of 3 - Ball Mill Exploded - posted in Pyrotechnics: Hi There, Today my ball mill exploded, I have used alumina balls 40mm, 30 Liters plastic jar and total 3Kg ( potassium chlorate, sugar, iron oxide, aluminium mix for an ignition charge ) During explosion ball mill runs around 300rpm and already run for 30mins. Luckily nobody …

Ball Mill vs Coffee Grinder

Page 1 of 2 - Ball Mill vs Coffee Grinder - posted in Pyrotechnics: instead of ball milling, can I just use a number of different coffee grinders to separately grind each chemical to a very fine dust, before I mix them by either the diaper method or mesh screens. Those little blade coffee grinders work really well for Potasium Nitrate and Sulfur.

Buy a Ball mill in USA ?

Buy a Ball mill in USA ? - posted in Pyrotechnics: Could be possible to use in Europe.(in Spain ), a Ball mill bought in USA ? ( Here we use 220 V). I think in USA it is used 115V, but i dont know really. Perhaps it could be used some tipe of transformer to have 220v (if is not used in USA ) I interested in have a new ball mill, and i thinking ing …

Rock Tumblers for Making BP

It is possible to. make good Bp with a rock tumbler but it takes a ridiculous amount of. time to achive good quality. Do a google search of the rec.pyrotechnics archives and you'll find. plenty of information about this, rock tumblers and ball mills have. been discussed in all aspects in the past.

Ball Mill For Pyrotechnics

ball mills | eBay – Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles …. Find great deals on eBay for ball mills and rock tumbler. … .500 Lead Milling Balls Pyrotechnics .503 Diameter, 200 Round Balls 5 lb 2 oz . Time left: $27.50.


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Black Powder

6 Lb Rotary Ball Mill Kit. Not rated yet. $149.99; Add to cart. 100pc .455" Ball Mill Lead Media - 1.9 lbs. Score: 5.00 (votes: 2) No reviews. $23.99; Add to cart. Ball Milling Theory & Practice for the Amateur Pyrotechnician by Lloyd Sponenburgh. ...

Milling Black Powder

Milling Black Powder - posted in Pyrotechnics: Just wanted to get a poll on varying options of most efficient yet safest way to mill black powder without a ball mill. I used to use a coffee grinder however the last time I milled some I resorted to a mortar and pestle instead, which was far too much work. I know ball milling is the most common for …

Ball Mill Exploded

Page 2 of 3 - Ball Mill Exploded - posted in Pyrotechnics: i missed the 300 rpm myself

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