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Surface quality and tight dimensional accuracy resulting of the grinding and ... Double disc grinding. 14 BEARING MANUFACTURING PRODUCT INNOVATIONS FOR BEARING GRINDING OPERATIONS ... The diamond dressing device is applied across the wheel face while the machine is in operation. The . VITRIUM3. Quantum EFESIS Technology …


Solutions for grinding coated brake discs. Double-disk grinding machine of the proven Planet series for grinding coated brake discs. Double side grinding (simultaneous …

Surface Grinding in Silicon Wafer Manufacturing

surface grinding possesses the great potential of producing silicon wafers with lower cost and better quality comparing with its counterparts (lapping for wire- sawn wafers and polishing for etched wafers). In order to fully utilize the potential of surface grinding, however, some technical obstacles will have to be overcome.

Mechanics of self-rotating double-disc grinding process

An investigation was made into the mechanics of self-rotating, partial-contact double-disc grinding. An analytical model of the geometry and kinematics was …

Double Disk Surface Grinding Machines Pdf

Double Disk Surface Grinding Machines Pdf . Prompt : Caesar is a famous mining equipment manufacturer well-known both at home and abroad, major in producing stone crushing equipment, mineral separation equipment, limestone grinding equipment, etc.

Rimaco Industries – Manufacturer of Double Disk Grinder, Special

Rimaco Industries. Rimaco Industries was founded in 1991 with a clear vision with designing and manufacturing of high precision Double Disc Grinders for grinding any two opposite faces of a component, simultaneously. This has gained acceptance with domestic & international customers. Building on that and staying a breast with market demands a ...


AMPO Valve is one of India's largest Valve manufacturing companies. And are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to deliver large-scale high-quality products. Alex Machine Tools makes superior surface grinding Machines and we have been using their machines at our plant. The machine in operation Alex Machine Tools RH 650.We are …

Surface Grinding

When it comes to Surface Grinding, we offer three excellent options: 10 Traditional, traverse grinding machines with the capacity to hold tolerances of 0.0001" and 0.0001" flatness & parallelism. 3 Stahli Double-Disc machines that simultaneously grind the top and bottom of parts while holding flatness & parallelism to 0.0001″. These ...

Grinding method for vertical type of double disk surface grinding

A grinding method for a vertical type of double disk surface grinding machine comprising a pair of rotating grinding wheels vertically opposed to each other and vertically movable and a moving table for moving a work having a work holding jig, wherein vertical positions of the upper and the lower surfaces of the work to be ground prior to the grinding operation …

Surface Grinders: Finishing & Grinding Machines | Koyo

Vertical Spindle Type Rotary Table Type Surface Grinders R Series grinders are highly versatile and offer many configurations: Single or dual grinding spindles. Rotating clamping chucks or self-rotating parts. One or two disc grinding for rough or finish grinding in the same process. Dual spindles capable of grinding at different heights.

DDG 580 Single and Double Disk Surface Grinding Production Machines

The double-disk surface grinding machines in the Peter Wolters DDG product range from Lapmaster Wolters offer economic effectiveness at its best. Where ever a simultaneous grinding of parallel surfaces is required for a variety of work pieces.

Horizontal double disc grinder

— Fully automatic machine set-up Gardner, Giustina or Daisho grinding machines will be proposed according to the standards in the specific geographical areas. Used for gears surface grinding with plunge infeed working method and rotary pockets Used for flat and parallel surface grinding of connecting rods, designed for medium production

ACC-DX Series Column – Features – Okamoto …

ACC-DX Series Column Type Surface Grinders. 20" x 48" to 32" x 120" ... They utilize Okamoto's exclusive control system that simplifies grinding of large components. ... Simple operation. Coarse Grinding, Fine …

Precision grinding machines for brake discs

Brake Disc. Applications. High precision does not need to come at the cost of high productivity. Our vertical double disc (VDD) grinding machines are engineered to meet tight geometric tolerances and a flawless surface finish in a fast cycle time. We have the technology to overcome all of today's brake disc challenges, including complex coatings.

Fundamentals of Double Disk Grinding

Double disk grinding is like two-sided Blanchard grinding, in that it removes material more quickly than a method such as surface grinding. (Of course, with any abrasive method, material removal speed …

ทำความรู้จักกับ เครื่องเจียรราบ (Surface Grinder)

grinding machine. kgr - rotary table suface grinder ; 3-axes high precision surface grinder - wizard series(old) ahd - precision surface grinder (new) double column surface grinding machine; kgp series doule column surface grinder; machining machine / milling machine. bed type vertical milling machine; vertical & horizontal milling machine


CIMT 2023 – Supfina hard-coated brake disc grinding technology … helps the green development of the new energy vehicle industry. The 18 th China International Machine Tool show (CIMT 2023) will be held in April. As one of the four major machine tool shows in the world, it has attracted numerous exhibitors and visitors due to its significant …


Double faces Grinding Double Disk Grinding More efficient than ever. The latest generation of the Planet machine series takes double sided grinding, also known as Double Disk Grinding, to a new level. The extremely rigid machine bed enables grinding of steel, sintered metal, non-ferrous metal, plastics, ceramics and glass.

Fast and flexible horizontal double disc grinders

Your high-volume horizontal double disc grinding solution. With up to 98% uptime, our Horizontal Double Disc (HDD) machines provide a robust solution for both flat and parallel surface grinding applications. Highly efficient, with exceptional stiffness and flexibility, these machines are an engineered, turnkey solution for your grinding needs.

R Series: Surface Grinder | Koyo

R631. Application Example (s): Rotor, Wafer, Stator, Housing, Inner Plate, Ring Ball Ramp, Stops & Spacers, Inner Ring, Gear. Industry: Automotive, Information Technology. Grinding Capacity: Grinding capacity up to Ø125mm. Description: Single disc grinder with indexing table capable of loading/unloading while grinding after indexing.

Yuhuan Cnc Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

Hot Sale Newest Dual Side Disc Metal CNC Grinder tool high speed double surface precision grinding machine. $70,000.00 / set. CNC Double Surface Lapping/Polishing polishing machine. $35,000.00 - $40,000.00 / set. Double surface edge polishing machine jewelry lapping machine rotary flat glass polish machine.

Surface grinding machine, Flat grinding machine

surface grinding machine SP2000. engine PLC-controlled automatic. Spindle speed: 1,400, 350, 175 rpm. Power: 7.5 kW. Distance between centers: 0 mm - 850 mm. Surface grinders are the ideal choice for all machine shops or high performance shops. Fixturing that will set up all work pieces easy and function rapidly.


PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for grinding in a vertical type double-disc surface grinding machine which efficiently feeds a grinding wheel for grinding in accordance with pre-processing precision in each workpiece even when there is large irregularity in pre-processing precision. SOLUTION: An upper and a lower grinding …

DD-7: Double Disk Grinder | Glebar

The Glebar DD-7 Double Disk Grinder has the smallest footprint of any double disk grinder on the market. It is designed for grinding small components, accurately controlling their length and perpendicularity. Customizable interface software can meet your production requirements encompassing controls for all peripheral attachments such as robots ...

Double disc grinding PDF setup and application manual

This geometry is used for single pass through grinding of parts using a turntable. The grinding is done primarily by the face of the wheel rather than the wheel …

Surface Grinding Machine: Types, Parts & Working Procedure

The horizontal spindle surface grinder is one of the best type grinders to be used for flat cutting surfaces. 2. Vertical-Spindle Surface Grinder. It is a grinder to be used to allocating the finishing touch to the workplace. It has also been used for flat cutting surfaces. 3. Disc Grinders and Double-Disc Grinder. Disc grinders are similar to ...

Safety Checklist for Portable Grinding and Cutting

Knowing this, Saint-Gobain Abrasives has developed a safety checklist for portable grinding cutting applications. FEATURES. Captures key points of the ANSI B7.1 safety code. Easy "yes/no" format makes safety auditing simple. Fully compatible with iPad.

Vertical double disc grinding for flat and parallel surfaces

Our flexible vertical double disc machines are ideal for high precision grinding for a variety of flat-surface components including: Rotors Stators VVT components Bearings Spacers …


A double surface grinding method for a vertical type of double disc surface grinding machine in which upper and lower ground surfaces of a work like a disc brake are ground simultaneously. The entire vertical moving stroke of the grinding wheel includes an idle feed stroke in which the wheel moves at a specified idle feed speed from the waiting position …


Double disc surface grinders (KVD and HD Series) that finish up efficiently with simultaneous grinding on both sides. Super-abrasive single disc suface grinders (R Series) achieve a quality close to the grinding accuracy of lapping machines. Diverse variations are available to suit the workpiece.

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